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Night Slayers Clan is a virtual online community unofficially related to the RuneScape MMORPG. We are always looking for experienced RuneScape players to join our community. Our clan is based on “slayer people”, those who earned their high combat levels by the fair and hard work of the Slayer skill. Most clan events are monster hunting (e.g. God Wars) and minigame based. We do not PK as a clan but we do participate in other no-risk PVP related minigames.

Clan News

  • The Clan Staff is Recruiting!05 October 2014

    Have you been around for a while and are you willing to sacrifice some of your spare? Do you want to make Night Slayers Clan an even better place? Then maybe you should consider joining our clan staff! For more info visit our forums or contact one of the leaders.

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  • Night Slayers Clan 7th Anniversary27 August 2014

    We're proud to say that after 7 years of Night Slayers Clan we are still alive and kicking (or slaying)! 7 is a lucky number to many and we hope this luck will reflect upon our clan members. There are still many more years to come for our clan and we hope you'll enjoy them.

  • Recruit rank changes23 November 2013

    The clan staff would like to let you all know that from now on, registering on the forum is no longer required to join our in-game clan. The idea behind this is that people can get to know us first and can feel like they are a part of the clan, before they have to visit our website/forum. People who join this way will get the Recruit rank (1 banana) and they won't be able to get a higher rank before they register on the forums. The requirements for this rank will also be a bit lower, though our current reqs will have to be achieved before a higher rank can be obtained as well. We hope that this will make it easier for people to decide to join.

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  • Night Slayers Clan 6th Anniversary27 August 2013

    In the world of clans, 6 years is a long time. We are proud to announce that we are celebrating our sixth birthday this Saturday, the 31th of August. More details on the anniversary event and time can be found on the clan forums.

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  • New clan site online!24 August 2013

    You might have noticed it already but if you haven't, there is a new clan site online and you are on it right now. Don't forget to check out the customize button on the right corner at the bottom of this page. The forum links have been changed to You could also simply click on the Forum link in the navigation of the site.

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